Isooctane, the main product of the Company, is an important blending and composing ingredient of clean gasoline. It not only can improve the gasoline octane value, but also has the characteristics of cleanness and environmental protection. Thanks to its low environmental pollution, it is a very ideal added component for finished gasoline. It fit the policy of China to advocate "National V" and "National VI" standard gasoline and to reduce PM2.5 emissions, so it has good market prospects.

Isooctane can also be used in organic synthesis, solvent and gas chromatography analysis standards and diluents, and it is widely used in medicine, chemical engineering, chemical and other fields.

Product Parameters

Research octane number                          ≮95
Gelatine (mg/100ml)                    ≤4
Total sulfur (mg/kg)                   ≤10
Copper sheet corrosion                         ≯1
Saturated steam pressure (KPa)40-70
Final boiling point (℃)                    ≯205
Density (20℃) kg/m3Measured
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