Zhuhai Zhongguan was successfully elected as the first president of Nanshui Town Industry and Commerce Promotion Association

Release Date:2022-02-28Views:207Source: Zhongguan Petroleum

On November 25, in order to strengthen the private economy and create a harmonious business atmosphere, Nanshui Town People's Government decided to set up Nanshui Town Industry and Commerce Promotion Association (hereinafter referred to as "NTICP"), and organized the council preparatory meeting with the participation of vice president entities at Zhuhai Zhongguan Petrochemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Zhuhai Zhongguan") . Vice director of the United Front Work Department of Jinwan District, secretary of the Party Group of Jinwan District Federation of Industry and Commerce, vice mayor of Nanshui Town, chairman of Zhuhai Zhongguan Petrochemical Co., Ltd., candidates of president of Nanshui Chamber of Commerce and vice president of NTICP attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the board chairman of Zhuhai Zhongguan was elected the first president of NTICP and delivered a speech. He said that he would earnestly perform his duties as president, unite the officers of NTICP, lead all the members of NTICP, and strive to proper work for NTICP.

The establishment of NTICP not only builds a platform for members to communicate with each other and seek common development, but also opens up a new way for economic cooperation and exchange in Nanshui Town. After its establishment, NTICP will focus on the following three aspects:

First, adhere to the political guidance to promote the healthy growth of the members of NTICP

NTICP earnestly studies and implements Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, maintains consistency with the CPC Central Committee, adheres policies, and understands the value of contributions. The leading group will continue to shoulder the heavy burden in respect of major matters and decisions of NTICP.

Prepare for the establishment of a Party organization directly under the leadership of NTICP, organize ideal and belief education and practice activities for the personnel from the non-public economic sectors, enhance political identity, effectively enhance the trust of member enterprises on the Party and the government; explore and publicize advanced typical deeds, promote excellent practices of enterprises, and guide non-public enterprises to shoulder social responsibilities.

Second, find its own positioning, strengthen the construction of NTICP

The fundamental purpose of the establishment of NTICP is to let the whole town non-public enterprises and the people from non-public enterprises to strengthen contact, enhance friendship, communicate information and help each other, so that we can seek common development on the basis of mutual benefit. NTICP will strengthen its own construction, and effectively act as a good propagandist, researcher, coordinator and instructor.

Third, create a brand service, and build a charming chamber of commerce

Service is the foundation to establish and strengthen NTICP. NTICP always adheres to guiding member enterprises to earnestly implement the new development concept. NTICP will make use of its own advantages, actively carry out policy researches, accurately grasp the national development plan and industrial policies, and promptly use the we-media of NTICP to guide members to use all kinds of supporting policies properly and sufficiently;

In the future, NTICP will build a legal, financing, information, technology, talent and other service platforms, boost the transformation and upgrading of its member enterprises, realize the high-quality development of its member enterprises, fully stimulate the vitality and creativity of private enterprises. Let's work together for mutual benefits, win-win cooperation and a bright future!


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