The main components of "LPG" are propane and butane as well as a small amount of olefins. LPG is stored tank containers in in liquid state under appropriate pressure and is often used as the cooking fuel that is common in our daily life. LPG, as one of petroleum products, is a kind of colorless and volatile gas produced from oil and gas fields, refineries and ethylene plants, and it is mainly used in automobile, urban gas, non-ferrous metal smelting, metal cutting and other relevant sectors.

Product Parameters

Steam pressure (37.8℃) / kPa≤1380
C3 + C4 hydrocarbon components (volume fraction)/%≤95.0
C5 and other hydrocarbon components above C5 (volume fraction)/%≤3.0
Residue: evaporative residues / (mL/100mL)≤0.05
Oil stain observationPass
Copper sheet corrosion (40℃, 1h) /grade≤1
Total sulfur content/ (mg/m3)≤343
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