Zhuhai Zhongguan Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

hereinafter referred to as Zhuhai Zhongguan

Established in October 2012, is a Mainland-Hong Kong joint venture between GETDD Zhongsui Gas Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong Guo Tai Chang Investment Holdings Limited. It is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise engaging in the production, processing and sale of collection of petrochemicals, as well as the research, development and application of chemical manufacturing technology and information. The Company has two wholly-owned hazardous chemical transport companies under it, namely Guangzhou Zhongguan Antai Petrochemical Logistics Co., Ltd., and Zhuhai Zhongguan Petrochemical Transport Co., Ltd., which have 48 hazardous chemical transport vehicles, providing a stable guarantee for reducing transportation costs and ensuring safe production.

The Company always adheres to the market orientation and, development as the primary task. Through industry-research cooperation and independent innovation, it constantly develops fine chemical deep processing projects and builds high-tech production plants, to ensure sustainable, stable and healthy development. At present, the Company is in the stage of rapid development, and its existing business has been radiated to the Pearl River Delta of Guangdong Province with the main business revenue up to more than RMB 1.5 billion / year.

The Company will continue to pursue the business philosophy of "Honest Operation, Cooperation and Mutual Benefit", bring its advantages of professional management of petrochemical products into full play, strive to build a large comprehensive enterprise integrating the processing, production, trade and storage of chemical products, and struggle to become a regional quality enterprise group engaged in new energy and green new materials.

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In the future, if China's economy intends to achieve high-quality development under the context of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, promoting energy transformation and industrial restructuring will become the only way for the development of all sectors. Therefore, the Company will give full play to its industrial advantages, seize industry development opportunity, and actively make efforts in energy conservation, consumption reduction, environmental protection, new materials, etc. Moreover, through transformation and upgrading, it will broaden and deepen its business, explore its potential to increase quality and efficiency, make efforts to create valuable products and services for customers, career platform for employees to realize value, create value for the society and promote business and social progress, so as to build a better future for high-quality development.

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